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    Paypal Sep 19, 2017

    In the future it will only be possible to pay and raise with Paypal. If payment is requested on Payza, Perfect Money or OkPay, there will be paid on these.Then it will only be possible to buy on them for upgrades and packages.

    FORUM OPENED! Jul 19, 2016

    We hope the novelty is to your liking. We ask you to participate and share your experiences on our favorite PTC. Best Regards, Admin

    SIGNUP OFFER RULES May 28, 2016

    We want to remind everyone the rules for Signup Offer. 1) You must activate your account when joining the program listed 2) You must copy and paste your welcome email in the form above 3) If you purposely enter false welcome emails, your account will be suspended. 4) If you do not enter a welcome email, your signup will be denied without question. 5) Do necessary steps to join the website or program you are taken. 6)For a PTSU refused you receive a warning and $ -0.10 from balance 7)For two PTSU rejected the account will be suspended forever

    UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT! Feb 08, 2016

    We added new upgrades for our members at various prices. Remember that: 1) Upgraded Members do not have to click any ads to receive earnings from their referrals. 2) Upgraded Members have a BIG "$0.01 PTC ads" daily guaranteed!

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